Corporate Ethics

Ethics And Corporate Responsibility

Ethics And Corporate Responsibility Through Communication

Ethics and corporate responsibility are even more important in modern society thanks to rise of new media. Itís no secret that most people in the world are getting their news outside of traditional mainstream media. Every part of a business is transparent today with the Internet. People can discuss the ethics and corporate responsibility of any company or organization on Internet blogs, web sites, message board forums and business podcasts. This is why many corporations are fighting back by hosting their own online blogs and podcasts to speak of their own merits, publicly discuss their business practices, ethics and interpretation of news items printed about them.

The benefits in doing this are obvious. The company earns the trust of their customer base because they are apparently hiding nothing. They respond to allegations and donít shy away from defending their turf. Their ethics and corporate responsibility are out there, visible to the entire world, with a click of the mouse. It is best for the company to create an informative forum that isnít impersonal. Some companies donít transcend well into the world of online communication that isnít based solely on hyping their product or service. They are sometimes too rigid to accept the forthrightness of the online community. A corporate website with blogs or audio/video presentations needs to be put together as a public relations tool for direct communication with your customers or consumers, shareholders and the media. Itís the news release of this generation.

How many times has there been an incidence where a company was making the news for somewhat undesirable reasons? You will typically hear the reporter state that the company refused to comment. It may be a matter of days before the CEO or any company representative is available to answer questions. Corporate websites allow the company to immediately issue comments without addressing the media directly. There is more faith from consumers when a company is accountable and their ethics and corporate responsibility arenít in doubt.

Ethics and corporate responsibility begin with accountability. Too many companies are impersonal and do not connect with anyone. Not the public, the market or their employees. A successful business canít operate without accountability and someone taking responsibility for how the company conducts business. Someone monitoring, not just the performance of their employees, but also their ethical behavior, how they treat the customer, how they treat their co-workers, the office morale and the company image to the general public is imperative. Accountability means being proactive, reactive and leading by example when it comes to ethics and corporate responsibility. The Internet can be where this mission statement is clearly visible for the world to see. Another great thing about the world wide web!